The benefits of children learning to swim early

SwimEasy encourages babies to come along to our SwimBabies and SwimTots classes, with their parent(s), from just a few months old.

Swimming, especially in warm water for the wee ones, is enormous fun and offers an unequalled way of staying fit and healthy for life. Children are born with a love of water so parents have an opportunity to accompany their child on their swimming adventure as they learn all about water skills, culminating in their child eventually learning to swim.

At the very earliest age, wee ones develop a healthy relationship with water in the bath at home. The tactile engagement with mummy or daddy and natural resistance offered by the water, stimulates the body fully. This touch and connection with the water between the baby and parent establishes a deeper emotional bond because they are face to face, skin to skin, whilst in the water.

SwimEasy, at our SwimBabies classes, encourages starting swimming under the age of one, as the baby is unlikely to be influenced by negative feeling about the water. Although beginning a little later can sometimes be harder, as it may take the baby longer to get used to the teacher and the swimming pool environment and may have reached the ‘clingy’ stage, with mummy or daddy always in the water, excellent progress is always guaranteed.

There are so many bonuses for babies and young children learning to swim from this early age. Research has shown that it helps infants to be better prepared for learning at school. Early water stimulation helps children to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. Children involved in swimming early have been found to be more self confident with a greater desire to succeed. It seems that early goal setting and skill achievement in swimming helps children to feel good about themselves as they have fun slashing about in the water.

Learn to Swim the SwimEasy Way. Nobody does it better!