Linlithgow Academy

Pool Information

Pool: 15 metres x 4 lanes

Average Temperature: 29 degrees Celsius
Depth ~ Shallow End: 1.3m ~ 0.75m  

Changing Rooms:Male: Group shower area and a group changing area with benches.
Female: Individual cubicles for both showering and changing.

Hygiene: Our teachers really love it when children blow their noses and go to the toilet before the start of lessons. This tends to avoid any unwanted surprises and causes minimum disruption to the lessons!

Meeting Point

Children will be met by the Progress Adviser at the entrance to the pool and will be lead back to this area at the end of the lesson. We ask that children assemble down the left hand side of the pool before the lesson begins and their teachers will collect them for their lesson.

Viewing the Pool

At this facility viewing of classes by parents is permitted only through the two glass doors at the bottom end of the pool. Parents are free to communicate with the Progress Advisor with regards to their child's progress. However, we politely request that parents do not attempt to communicate with their child while the lesson is in progress. In addition, please can we politely request that the noise is kept to a minimum whilst watching the classes.

Personal Equipment


  • Eye goggles must be worn to allow for clear vision.
  • No baggy shorts are allowed as they restrict leg movement.
  • All children must wear their SwimEasy swim cap to prevent distractions and for pool cleanliness.
  • Swimming Costumes must be tight fitting preferably one size smaller than normal.
  • Recommended:

  • Towel
  • Pool Shoes
  • Robe
  • T-Shirt

Address & Times

Linlithgow Academy

Braehead Road

Linlithgow, EH49 6EH

Days and Times


(Main Programme)

16: 30 - 18:30


(Main Programme & SwimFast)

16: 30 - 19:30


SwimBabies & SwimTots

09:30 - 10:30

(Adult 1 to 1or 1 to 2)

10:30 - 11:30

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01506 205 778

Holiday Dates 2016-2017

Day Rolling Programme Starts Autumn Exclusion
Winter Exclusion
Spring Exclusion
Summer Exclusion
Rolling Programme
Sunday 28 August 9 October 18 & 25 December
1 & 8 January
12, February
9 & 16 April
- 11 June
Tuesday 30 August 11 October 20 & 27 December
3 & 10 January
14, February
4 & 11 April
- 20 June
Wednesday 31 August 12 October 22 & 28 December
4 & 11 January
15, February
5 & 12 April
- 14 June