Merchiston Castle School


Merchiston Castle School
294 Colinton Road
EH13 0PU
Tel: 0330 024 9111

Day Class Time
Monday SwimWell & SwimFast  18:00 – 19:00
Wednesday SwimWell & SwimFast  17:45 – 18:45

Merchiston is by far our most personal and characteristic pool and has the most to boast about.  SwimEasy has been using the pool for countless years.

In fact, Merchiston has been a regularly used training facility for some of the most successful swimmers in Britain: Olympian, Commonwealth Games fourth place and SwimEasy ambassador, Craig Benson; SwimEasy Graduate, Scottish record holder and Commonwealth 5th place, Craig McNally and son of SwimEasy MD, Commonwealth Games Silver medallist and European Championship athlete, Lewis Smith. Furthermore, being situated by Colinton, near Craiglockhart Sports Centre makes Merchiston an all-round favourite.

Pool Information

Size: 20m x 4 lane

Average Temperature: 28 degrees Celcius

Changing Rooms: Separate male and female changing rooms. The male changing room is the first room you will pass when you enter the building and the female changing room is the second, slightly larger room.

Hygiene: Our teachers really love it when children blow their noses and go to the toilet before the start of lessons. This tends to avoid any unwanted surprises and causes minimum disruption to the lessons!

Meeting Point

From the changing rooms, head up stairs to poolside and parents, along with children, are welcome to take a seat until lessons commence.

Viewing the Pool

The great thing about Merchiston is that you can sit right on poolside and feel part of your child’s progression. There is ample seating available all around the poolside. To access the pool area, walk up the stairs situated by the changing room and you will find the pool area.

Personal Equipment


Eye goggles must be worn to allow for clear vision.
No baggy shorts are allowed as they restrict leg movement.
All children must wear their SwimEasy swim cap to prevent distractions and for pool cleanliness.
Swimming Costumes must be tight fitting preferably one size smaller than normal.


Pool Shoes

Entrance & Parking

From Colinton Road, turn into the main school entrance and continue along the driveway towards the main building. Follow the road round to the left and take your first right to park on the red stones in what is called the “Chalmers Quad”. The pool is situated at the back of the school. Once you get out of your car, leave the “Quad” and make your way round to the side of the “Chalmers West” building, and follow the path down a few steps, turn right, and the pool building can be seen up ahead. A sign on the wall indicates the pool building.
Please note: We are asked that we only use the Chalmers Quad for parking and not at the other side by the boarding dorms.

Our Classes

Holidays 2021/2022


Rolling Programme Starts

To be confirmed

Autumn Exclusion Dates

Winter Exclusion Dates

Spring Exclusion Dates

Rolling Programme Ends

26 June


Rolling Programme Starts

To be confirmed

Autumn Exclusion Dates

Winter Exclusion Dates

Spring Exclusion Dates

Rolling Programme Ends

22 June

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