Swimming Lessons for SwimTots

The Purpose of Attending

SwimEasy SwimTots classes are the pre-curser to our main lessons programme. Many of the promoted SwimTots begin in our Main Core programme at the Beginner Stage as opposed to the Non-Swimmer Stage. SwimEasy's Beginner Stage is where children are beginning to learn the strokes.

Very few other activities exist where a toddler or infant can negotiate tasks along side an adult and, in some cases, perform certain skills more efficiently. From new born babies to the elderly, the entire family can experience the feel of moving in the water together. With expert help from our trained teachers, we will guide you through the various water circuits, helping you and your child to discover how a natural feel for the water can be developed.

Learning the new skills that we teach can often take some time. It is important to recognise that we teach many relatively simple water skills first, before moving on to the much more complex actual swimming skills later. The actual swimming strokes are rarely seen in youngsters before the advanced stages of swimming lessons when the child has developed significantly greater physical and mental maturity.

What to Expect

Our SwimTots lessons will encourage young children to negotiate various physical movements and along the way, will encourage them to be happy both in, and under the water.

Parents are asked to wear t-shirts as this assists the toddlers/infants to learn the techniques of turning, grabbing, gripping and climbing. This technique is particularly popular in the teaching of babies and young children in Australia, the world's leading swimming nation. At SwimTots, we have adapted this for use in our own pools as it is a proven method of excellence in developing water skills.

Remember, learning to swim through early aquatic participation gives your Tot a skill that will last for the whole of their life!

Parental Help

SwimEasy teacher's guide the parents on specific practices to use when teaching their child to travel in the water.

SwimEasy staff ensures that the Tots receive a water baby experience whereby Tots are taught by their parents all the aspects of water movements to ensure future water safety.

Parents are taught how to handle the Tots as well as showing the Tots how to get to that very important safe place for climbing out of the pool for basic water safety.

It is essential to realise that Tots do not learn to swim as such, they merely learn to travel in the water. Learning to swim properly comes later on when the Tots progress onto SwimEasy’s core programme where basic strokes are taught.

SwimEasy Rate

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