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Merchiston Castle School


25 yards x 4 lanes
Average Temperature: 28 degrees Celsius

Changing Rooms

Combined male and female communal changing room downstairs with modesty screen provided on the poolside. The poolside entrance is via the changing rooms onto the poolside from the stairs. Showers are situated on the poolside level at the top of the stairs.

Meeting Point Parents

Children will be met at the top of the stairs by the Lesson Co-ordinators. Please keep to the left of the stairway going up and the left going down.

Meeting Point Children

Children will be met by the pool coordinators at the entrance to the pool at the top of the stairs (Note that there is a very narrow entrance at the stair head.) Seating is available at the shallow end of the pool for children to assemble before the lesson begins. Children are escorted to either the shallow end or the deep end of the pool depending on which level of class they are in. At the end of the lesson children will be returned to the stair head and shower area.


All children must shower, blow their noses and go to the toilet before entering the pool.

Personal Equipment


  • Swim Nappies.
  • Adults entering the water with their child are required to wear a baggy T-shirt over their costumes.
  • Towel


  • Pool Shoes

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Map and Directions


From Colinton Road , turn into the main school entrance. Continue along the driveway towards the main building. Follow the road round to the left, and then take your first right and park on the red stones in what is called the "Chalmers Quadrangle". Parking should be done sensibly as there are no line markings. The pool is situated at the back of the school. Once you have come out of your car, leave the "Quadrangle" and make your way round to the side of the "Chalmers West" building, and follow the path down a few steps, turn right, and the pool building can be seen up ahead. Follow the little path along to the building. A sign on the wall indicates the pool building. It is important to remember that this is a boarding school facility and it is essential that drivers adhere to the speed limits while in the school grounds. Consideration at all times must be made in respect of the pupils attending our classes and the pupils within the school. Click on the map to the right for the of the school.

Please note that Merchiston Castle School hold various whole School events on a Sunday, throughout the term. On these dates, our customers are not permitted to park at the front of the school but must use the alternative car park, which is situated at the Colinton Castle Squash Club. To access this car park from Colinton Road, please turn down Paties Road, at the bottom of this road, turn left onto Katesmill Road, and you will see a nursery on your right hand side. After the nursery, turn right and the Squash Club will be clearly visible. When parking here, please ensure that you park on the tree side of the car park (nose in). The other side of the car park (adjacent to the building) must be left free for Sports Club Members.
If you attempt to park in the front of school on these dates, you are endangering the availability of our Merchiston Castle Programme.

Please note:
Colinton Castle Squash Club car park should only be used when the school is holding a service.