Truly a water baby experience!

Our swimming lessons for babies in Edinburgh and Linlithgow provide a truly water baby experience!

We believe that swimming lessons for babies should be an enthusiastic and fun introduction to what can be an unusual but exciting experience. At our SwimBabies classes, consistency is the key. You and your baby will see the same teacher from week to week because we believe that trust and consistency is a vital part of learning from a young age.

SwimEasy provides the pathway for aquatic learning to develop from birth. It is not uncommon nowadays for mothers to choose water as the means of introducing their babies into the world.

Our qualified teachers deliver fun each week through songs, games and circuits which help to build your baby’s confidence and safety in the water. However, the real difference between ourselves and other people who merely deliver and instruct is that we actively educate parents on how to handle, react and teach their babies to be completely comfortable in the water. We do not encourage babies to totally submerge. This is no longer recommended by world governing bodies.

The Purpose of Attending

Our teaching philosophy and practice will always focus on educating the parents on how to teach the early stages of swimming. Regular participation at a formal set-up backed up with family trips to your local pool can only encourage speedier water confidence and awareness.

Going to formal lessons can be fun for the whole family. Mum and dad can take part in our lessons and of late, we have seen some grandparents thoroughly enjoying the experience of helping their grandchildren.

• Provides opportunities for parents and babies to enjoy a social activity
• Provides pleasant experiences that encourages babies to return to the water willingly
• Our teaching methods promote the physical, personal, intellectual well-being of babies
• Promotes water confidence early as a natural element in their lives
• Assists in the familiarity with the water
• Teaches parents methods that will help babies be confident and happy in the water and willing to learn.
• Educates parents about routines and aspects of safety in and around water

New Born

SwimEasy prefers to wait until babies are at least 4 months before participating in an aquatic activity within a communal pool. Formal aquatic lessons for babies under 4 months are not recommended.

Parents can however access educational advice from members of the SwimEasy educational team on early introduction to aquatic experiences.

Baby New Born
Baby 1 4-10 Months
Baby 2 11-17 Months
Baby 3 18-24 Months

The first stages of baby development reflect changes in motor skills, cognitive skills and personal development.

Motor development refers to posture and locomotion, including manipulation.

Cognitive development refers to changes in awareness and understanding and communication.

Personal development refers to changes in emotional needs and competencies.

What to Expect

Appropriate clothing should be worn by both baby and parent and we encourage parents to wear a t-shirt when participating in our lessons as this allows easy access of grabbing and gripping (ape-like clinging for babies!).

Come to the SwimBabies lessons programme as we offer lessons within venues where the water is warm and safe. Join us on our journey from the beginning! SwimBabies is the start of an exciting water babies experience that progresses on through our programme of swimming lessons for SwimTots (2 and 3 year olds), Pre-school Non-Swimmers, Non Swimmers and Beginners. Progressive – Learners and Improvers, Stroke Development Stages and Pre-Competition/Fitness.

Remember learning to swim through early aquatic participation gives your baby a skill that will last for the whole of their life!

Parental Help

At this young age, parents are the best people to teach their children because children trust them more than they would if given over to a stranger. Therefore, parents are vital cogs in the learning process.

Parents should be willing to allow the baby to experience water being poured over their heads. Babies will cry initially but, if repeated gently without shocking, a baby will soon accept this as a daily routine. As babies get older they should be encouraged to shower with their parents either by being held or by sitting on the floor allowing the water to flow freely over them. A little singing usually helps to make the baby happy as well as cheering up the parent. Parents can also assist by showing the baby how to point their toes and how to draw up the feet; a baby can learn this skill from birth with assistance from the parent.

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