Terms And Conditions

Core Programme, SwimTots, SwimBabies, RapidTrack, One-to-One and One-to-Two Lessons. Classes: Core Programme Classes are held over a 30-minute timeslot inclusive of 5 minutes allocated for registration and debrief. One-to-One and One-to-Two Classes are held over a 30-minute timeslot inclusive of 3 minutes allocated for registration and debrief. SwimWell and SwimFast will be allocated 1 x 40-50-minute lesson per week.  Class numbers are projected target figures and are not guaranteed. If a teacher is absent, the Company reserves the right to join classes together if considered appropriate. Whilst the Company tries to employ 100% reliable staff, there are times when unavoidable sickness or accidents occur at the last minute. We will always try to put a replacement teacher in place immediately, however, if this is not manageable (due to time constraints) we would put the classes together to avoid the cancellation, which is not a happy outcome for anyone. This would be an extremely rare occurrence as additional teachers are usually available at each pool to cover any such eventuality.

SwimTots/SwimBabies Class Numbers: Class numbers will vary depending on venue and pool capacity. More than one class may be scheduled in a pool running at the same time. When there is more than one class being taught at the same time the teacher ratio is normally 5 learners to 1 teacher. Maximum use of space will be used to run our programme and not all lessons will be afforded exclusive use of the whole pool especially when there is adequate space to run more than one class at each time slot. Children and babies will always be accompanied by an adult. The adult will be responsible for the child in both the pool and the changing areas and must comply with the safety and health regulations laid down by the teacher / leader. Siblings attending lessons, but not participating, must be accompanied by an adult. Both parents / guardians can attend the classes by prior arrangement, but this cannot be guaranteed each week because of class sizes.

RapidTrack: Our specialist One-to-One and One-to-Two Holiday “RapidTrack” Lessons can be booked a week at a time, each morning, from Monday to Friday during holiday periods. One-to-One and One-to-Two Classes are held over a 30-minute timeslot, inclusive of 3 minutes allocated for registration and debrief. Fees are determined on a weekly basis.  

Pupils: All pupils in the Core Lessons Programme will be considered as athletes and will be treated in accordance with the long-term athlete development model, endorsed by British Swimming. Swimmers, throughout all the Ability Stages and will be progressed in accordance with the “SwimEasy Passport to Successful Swimming!” awards system, which falls in line with the criteria’s used by Swim Australia, British and Scottish Swimming. 

Pupil Progression: Progression of swimmers will be at the judgment of the Teacher, the Quality Control Team and the lesson Progress Advisor in accordance with the criteria written in the Passport to Successful Swimming. Pupils will be moved during the course of lessons if they meet the skills criteria required for movement to the next Stage and will not be deliberately held back. Due to the continuous progressive nature of our programme, and the variety of ability levels within each session, we will try our very best to accommodate your placement within the same timeslot, on promotion, as a space within the next Stage may not always be immediately available. Consideration will be made to siblings and other family members and much effort will be made to allow minimum change, but we cannot guarantee specifics. Pupils will be placed and moved on an ongoing basis; SwimEasy operates a continuous progressive policy of moves / promotions / placements. Pool layout and class stations are designed to take into consideration the maximum amount of Ability Stages learning at the same time; not all timeslots can accommodate all Ability Stages; especially where SwimWell classes are planned, as SwimWell is an advanced stage of swimming and has specific needs in terms of pool space. When pupils reach our advanced Stages (e.g. SwimWell and SwimFast) the lessons format alters as these sessions require us, on occasion, to take up the full size of the pool or use a dedicated number of full lanes with upper ability levels. Sessions are normally allocated exclusive timeslots and, where possible, they are scheduled either directly before, or after, the Core Lessons Programme.

Teachers: Teachers will be Enhanced Disclosure Scotland checked and will wear appropriate SwimEasy uniform to perform their job of working in and out of the water. All teachers will take part in regular teacher training on various aspects of learn to swim skills, along with CPD (Continuous Professional Development) courses to ensure that they are up-to-date with modern methods. Teachers are challenged regularly to respond to weekly online-learning videos to ensure that they are constantly refreshing their knowledge and skills as swimming teachers. Quality Assurance checks on each teacher’s performance are monitored at each session by a Teacher Trainer in attendance at the pool.

Progress Advisors / Quality Control: Will attend each pool to ensure the safe, smooth running of the lessons and to look after the needs of the teachers, pupils, and parents / guardians. Usually the highest qualified swimming teacher, the Progress Advisor, will hold a pool rescue or pool safety award in line with British Standards. In some venues a separate lifeguard will be in attendance. It is not necessary to have lifeguards available at all pools as our pupil to teacher ratios exceeds the normal national requirements for safe teaching.

Bookings: Places are booked on a first come, first served basis. Customers book a series of lessons with us based on a vacant space within a pool. Bookings will be taken by telephone and payments will be processed and recorded on a secure database. On completion of a booking an automatic confirmation e-mail will be generated and sent; new bookings will not be available to book online through the internet. All new bookings should be accompanied by a payment with either debit or credit card. No provisional bookings will be taken under any circumstances. When you first book your child into our lesson programme you will be invited to participate in our simple, easy, automated, recurring, online re-enrolment payment system (EasyPay) for future lessons. This will require you to confirm acceptance of our Automated Payment Terms and Conditions that apply to this payment scheme to be eligible for the automated published rate. To confirm acceptance for future payments you must return the ‘EasyPay’ slip included in your welcome pack to the Progress Advisor on your 1st day at lessons.

Fees: Fees are determined on an annual basis of 4 equal payments. Lessons are generally planned over an 9 week period. A minimum of 36 weeks is guaranteed per academic year. Dates for lessons may be subject to change. Lessons will be in line with school terms and will take into account the main school holiday periods. As public holidays are not the same for every school, some lessons will take place on local public holidays.  If your child is unable to attend a lesson due to illness or other commitments SwimEasy is not obliged to offer a replacement lesson.  There is a one-off registration fee of £20 per child.

Rolling Payment Information EasyPay Scheme: As part of the SwimEasy family you have joined our EasyPay Scheme. This is the rolling payment method with which we operate our lessons. As mentioned above we operate 4 payments per year. You will be notified in advance of the payment date. On the scheduled date our automated system will deduct from your initial approved card* details, the sum required to ensure your child’s place is confirmed. *Should you wish to change the card details we hold, you must inform the office a minimum of one week prior to the next payment date to allow time for your new card details to be processed.

Payment Day: On payment day our automated system will deduct the sum required to ensure your child’s place is confirmed. You will receive a confirmation email telling you that your payment has been successful. If your payment has not been successful you have a maximum of 10 days from the date payment was due to make payment otherwise our system automatically removes your child’s booking. It is not possible to guarantee your child’s place at their original time and venue should payment not be received within 10 days from the date payment was due. In this circumstance a late-payment fee will be applied to the total cost of your child’s lessons. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information sent out by email as part of the “EasyPay” Rollover process, this cannot be guaranteed. Inaccuracies related to a child’s name, class booked, and venue can be resolved by contacting the office. Errors relating to payment will be subject to the following conditions:

  1. i) A booking is only deemed confirmed on payment of our full published rates as displayed on our website www.swimeasy.co.uk or in published literature, dated and distributed from time to time (not withstanding special offers as detailed below (iii)).
  2. ii) Where the incorrect amount is paid due to a computer error on our part, resulting in an underpayment, and where a confirmation email has been sent, a full refund will be offered, and the booking will be cancelled. Alternatively, to retain the booking, the balance payment must be made within one week of being informed of the error. In the case of a computer error resulting in an over-payment, an immediate refund for the surplus to our current published rates will be repaid.

          iii) Where a special offer is in place, full compliance with the Terms and Conditions of that offer must also be adhered to.             Non-compliance will invalidate the offer and the full published rate will be due.

Relinquish Date Payment Date Payment Block
14 September 12 October Winter
11 December 08 January Spring
22 February 21 March Summer
06 June 04 July Autumn

Cancellation of New Customers Bookings: If a child has not started their lessons, and a minimum of 3 weeks’ advance notice is given, a refund will be given, subject to an Administration Fee of £25.00, per booking.

Cancellation of Existing Customers Bookings:  Withdrawal of your child from any future lessons is expected to be a planned process and requires 4 weeks’ notice, in advance of the next payment date. Cancellations received after the 4-week deadline and before the payment date are subject to an Administration Fee of £25.00 per booking. Cancellations received after the payment date, but prior to the start of the lesson block will be refunded, subject to an Administration Fee of £25.00, per booking. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after the block of lessons has commenced.

To cancel lessons: The SwimEasy Swimmer Relinquishment Form must be completed. The form can be completed on-line through this link. Following on from the completion of the ‘Swimmer Relinquishment Form’ you should receive confirmation within 3 working days. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact us at info@swimeasy.co.uk In line with the 2018 GDPR legislation, your personal details will remain on our system until your child’s last lesson with us. At that point all personal data will be deleted. Please review our Privacy Policy for detailed information.

Parking: Parking is only permitted in allocated spaces at each venue. The Company must adhere to the regulations laid down by the letting facility for each pool. Individual parking regulations and restrictions are in place for the safety reasons; please help us to ensure everyone safe and out of harm’s way. Parking is normally plentiful as most venues have large play grounds / parking areas. Parking is free at almost all venues.

Viewing: At most venues parents / guardians will be permitted on poolside; you will be advised accordingly. If a venue does not allow this practice, we would ask that parents / guardians adhere to the rules as set out for safety and insurance purposes. When permitted on poolside, we request that all parents / guardians realise that we are dedicated to teaching the children and that the Company cannot take responsibility for parents / guardians sitting on poolside. Noise is a distraction and all parents/guardians must appreciate that continuous chatter is unacceptable. It is also very difficult for the teaching staff to gain full attention from their pupils if they are constantly being distracted by outside sources; progress can be affected if children are not fully able to concentrate. Customers must appreciate that most of pool venues are school pools and are not designed for spectators, therefore parents should not demand that seating is available specifically for their use. We insist that parents / guardians comply with our pool venue rules as we can often be in danger of losing a let due to parental misconduct.

Parental Responsibilities: Parents must ensure that they inform SwimEasy of any medical or learning needs which their child has, to allow us to provide the best service and best support. It is imperative that we have a full understanding of your child’s needs in order that we can deliver the best service. Failure to disclose this information may result in your child’s place being retracted as we are unable to meet their needs. Parents must inform us on any changes in their child’s medical history whilst they swim with us. Parents / guardians are responsible for their child/children in the changing area. The Company’s responsibility to look after pupils begins when the children come onto poolside in preparation for their lesson. If parents/guardians choose to leave the changing area during your child/children’s lesson, we would ask that you please ensure you return at least 5 minutes before the lessons end; children can get very distressed if parent / guardian cannot be found. Change-over periods are exceptionally busy for all Progress Advisors as they must ensure the safe exit and entry of all pupils from and onto the poolside. Parents / guardians must never distract the teacher and should direct all communication through the lesson Progress Advisor. Parents / guardians attempting to speak with a teacher, during the period that lessons are in progress, can be very dangerous and would pose a safety issue for all pupils participating. If a teacher is distracted and takes his / her eye away from the pupils in their care anything could happen in a split second; it is unfair on staff and pupils to put teachers in this situation.

Dress Code: All children should wear eye goggles and tight-fitting costumes / trunks. Baggy shorts are not permitted, the reason for this is, if costumes are too loose, they cause ‘drag’ through the water and this distorts the feeling of movement for the pupil in the pool. Baggy shorts do not allow children to get the feel of how their body moves in the water; they also fill up with air and cause water resistance. Full body wetsuits are not permitted as they create false buoyancy skills. In the interests of hygiene all the children should wear the SwimEasy cap, as provided, to prevent their hair trailing through the water and causing others to swallow it. By keeping hair off the face, less distraction is caused to the pupil during the lesson. Swim caps also keep the smaller children warmer as most body heat is lost through the head. The cap is part of the SwimEasy Uniform and determines the pupil’s Ability Stage as well as their positioning within the pool planning.

SwimBabies/SwimTots Dress Code: Adequate swimwear must be worn; costumes that enhance buoyancy are not permitted. Goggles and swimming aids i.e. arm rings or bands are not permitted. Parents / guardians, in the first instance, will be encouraged to submerge and allow the child to experience water being splashed over their heads at every lesson. In line with modern teaching methods, total submersion of children is only encouraged after a period of progressive practices has been taught. Parents/guardians are asked to participate and demonstrate techniques under the guidance of the teacher / leader. Parents / guardians will be asked to wear a t-shirt to encourage grabbing, gripping and climbing techniques.

Change of Venue and/or Time slot: For continuity it is best for your child to remain at the same venue for their swimming lessons, however, we understand that from time to time the need for change may arise. No re-location fee will be charged.

Lost Property: SwimEasy cannot accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to clothing or personal items at any venue. In the event of a loss of property parents/guardians are advised to contact the janitorial staff at the venue directly.

Pool Closures: The Company hires swimming pools from various schools / councils and therefore is not directly responsible for pool maintenance. This means we occasionally come across problems out with our control. In the event of a closure we will contact each customer individually by e-mail and, if short notice is given, make every attempt to phone with a personal message. Closures are very rare as generally pools are well maintained. However, as with everything in life, the unusual can happen. All parents/guardians are asked to supply an email address and mobile telephone number for quick communication purposes. In the unusual event of a pool closure, (except for closures resulting from heavy snow fall or dangerous weather conditions** and of human sickness or faeces***) we will offer an alternative date and/or venue. No refunds will be given in any circumstance. Where possible a “make- up” lesson will be offered. If a swimmer is not returning to our lessons, they will be offered a make-up lesson only and will not receive a refund. The make-up lesson can be taken anywhere in our Programme, subject to the availability of places. ** In the unusual event of classes being cancelled due to heavy snow or dangerous weather conditions, no make- up classes or credit notes will be offered. *** In the event of human sickness and/or faeces being present in the swimming pool, resulting in the pool operator closing it for hygiene reasons, no make-up or credit notes will be offered.

Communication: We always like to encourage communication and welcome discussion and points of issues to be raised with our staff. To ensure that lessons are not interrupted, we would request that, if you have any questions for the teacher, you approach your Progress Advisor who will be happy to assist by speaking with the teacher on your behalf. The Progress Advisor will always be the person to resolve the issue at poolside, so issues should be conveyed through them. The Progress Advisor is unable to make any decisions with regards to administrative or monetary concerns but will be able to assist with questions regarding the progression of pupils or behavioural issues occurring at the pool venue.

Office Communication: Will be offered to any customer, who wishes to discuss matters of an administrative nature such as pool closures, deferring lessons etc.

Risk Assessment: Pupil to teacher ratios are in line with small numbers to teachers in the lower stages and increasing to higher numbers of pupils to teachers as the child moves through the programme of lessons. Numbers also reflect in the allocation of space required to enhance a child’s progress. We follow the Risk Assessments set out by the venues we hire and as such must strictly adhere to there conditions in order to promote good Health and Safety standards.

Child Protection: Child protection, including bullying, is in line with the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA) child protection policies. All teaching and office staff are PVG checked. Should you have any concerns regarding this matter please contact our Child Protection Officer: anne.ewing@swimeasy.co.uk

Equal Opportunities: The company operates within an equal opportunities environment. SwimEasy strives to allow equal access to sporting opportunities for all; however, we do reserve the right to not offer or retract places in our programme if it becomes apparent that we cannot support individuals on their Learn to Swim journey for a variety of reasons including but not limited to: limited physical or cognitive capacity, additional supports needs and additional educational needs.

Photography and Filming: You will see at our lessons that our Progress Advisers and Quality Control team make use of iPads on poolside. We use our iPads during the lessons for:

  • Teacher quality monitoring
  • Stroke and technique correction for swimmers
  • Taking swimming teaching to the next level by providing a modern teaching service no other swim school provides
  • Capturing special achievements

SwimEasy treat any footage and images with the greatest of care. It is used for a variety of purposes on several platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Newspaper Articles etc.) including but not limited to: marketing, teacher training and pupil progression. Of course, if you have any misgivings about your child being filmed then we will respect your wishes. Please inform the Progress Adviser on poolside if you have any concerns. Should you wish to opt out of our Photography policy you must email us at info@swimeasy.co.uk

Incentives and Offers: The Company has the right to offer incentives to new customers which should not be directly comparable to specific circumstances. The company will not apply discounted rates to new customers but will offer better rates to existing customers who choose to book into RapidTrack courses. In the event of some classes being under subscribed the company has the right to sell a space at specific rate which may not comply with rate card.

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