Private Tuition

As well as our group lessons, we also offer private swimming lessons in Edinburgh and Falkirk.

Lessons that include a pupil to teacher ratio of one-to-two or one-to-one can provide a more intensive swimming regime for children whose needs are such that this format of learning is required. Additionally, we provide private swimming lessons for adults in Edinburgh and Falkirk.

Albeit that this type of lesson is not preferred by SwimEasy as the sole way in which children should learn to swim however some parents feel it is necessary to have their child taught by this method.

SwimEasy prefers that children only drop into this type of lesson when they maybe require a boost to the normal group style of lessons or when something specific needs fixing.

Commonly referred to as private lessons, both one-to-two and one-to-one lessons are especially in demand when children or adults have a genuine fear of the water. The confidence gained from individual attention can speed up the learning process by encouraging better self assurance and confidence in the water.

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One-to-one and one-to-two lessons are especially great when a child has a genuine fear of the water. The confidence gained from individual attention speeds up the learning process significantly and encourages better self assurance. This is vital and allows the learner to discover for themselves just what can be achieved and the process of enjoying the water can begin.

For learners who are already confident in the water and are reasonably competent swimmers, one-to-one and one-to-two lessons can improve any deficiencies rapidly. Any technical correction or specific area in need of improvement can be dealt with more easily with private tuition.

Private tuition is available with SwimEasy within our normal programme. Tuition is available at a number of venues and bookings are taken for a course of 8 consecutive weeks. Alternatively RapidTrack holiday courses are available during the months of October, April, July and August. These courses are programmed to coincide with the school holiday breaks.

Edinburgh / Forth Valley

From £153.00
(incl. of VAT) Four equal payments per year

One-off registration fee £12.50

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