SwimEasy Passport

All SwimEasy lessons are delivered in accordance with our unique 'Passport' system.

When first joining the programme, each swimmer is given a Passport booklet, which they keep for the duration of their time with SwimEasy. This Passport guides the swimmer through all the different stages, outlining each level of the swimming lessons pathway and all the skills necessary to accomplish, within each level and stage. The swimmers receive a small ‘smiley face’ sticker when they successfully achieve the various skills and a large ‘smiley face’ upon completion of each level.

Once a swimmer receives three large (or ‘maxi’) stickers, they are ready to progress to the next stage.

Similar to our swim caps, stages are colour coded to ensure easy identification by the teachers and easy recognition by the swimmers. The early classes are coded red, before moving to yellow, then orange, then green and finally blue.

When all the available stickers have been obtained and placed in the Passport, the swimmer is ready to graduate into ‘club swimming’.

Our normal procedure is to graduate our students into The SwimEasy Club.

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