We are here to help you choose the correct Stage of Swimming Ability for your child.

If your child is capable of swimming and kicking for 50 metres with efficient technique on 3 different swimming strokes then the SwimEasy teachers can teach them how to swim well using proper swimming techniques.

Teachers will expect that your child will be able to swim with basic technique on a fourth stroke. This would normally be butterfly but in some cases breaststroke. Breaststroke can often be the most difficult stroke for children to master and our teachers will take time to get this right.

Because your child will be ready to progress to more advanced technique work, teachers will expect to develop both distance and some speed work in preparation for advancing into a club environment. This is the stage where our teachers are teaching your child to finish their lessons as strong confident and technically proficient swimmers.

We are always happy to discuss with you any questions that you may have.  Drop us an email to info@swimeasy.co.uk and one of our staff will be happy to call.

The Purpose of Attending

Children who have taken our lessons at this stage have advanced their four swimming strokes further than most parents could ever have imagined.

The sense of achievement is enormous for a child with the joy of mastering the Frontcrawl smoothly with a hidden intake of breath, the satisfaction of doing Backstroke, employing the correct body position and just slipping through the water, the grace of Breaststroke using the correct timing and achieving maximum propulsion and the satisfaction of swimming Butterfly and merely gliding through and over the water. This provides proof of the progress that can be made.

Parents of the children who have reached this level of competence will confirm that, through good and professional coaching and teaching they have witnessed their child achieving and perfecting extremely complex skills. Each squad at this stage makes full use of the pool. Given that all the children are at the same or very similar level, we can take them out of the main swimming lessons process and advance them onto specific stroke development work.


At SwimEasy, we progress children as and when they are ready.

Did you know that swimmers who attend regularly and consistently will improve faster than those who don’t?

Did you know that children who practice out with the lessons will progress at a much quicker rate? Swimming, like any other skill, requires practice. Why not make it a fun day out and get your child to show you the skills they have been learning! After all, we believe children deserve recognition for their success.

Parental Help

We ask that you help us in delivering quality teaching for your child.

Our teachers love to spend as much time as possible with each class. Because of this, they love it when children come to the lessons with cap and goggles on and passport in hand, ready to start the lesson. To avoid minimum disruption to the lessons, we ask that children blow their noses and go to the toilet before the start of the lesson.

Edinburgh / Forth Valley/Glasgow


(incl. of VAT) per term, four terms per year

One-off registration fee £20


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