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It is not only children who develop their swimming at SwimEasy; you can learn The SwimEasy Way as well!

Our specially designed adult swimming lessons programme meets your particular unique needs.

Our swimming lessons for adults in Edinburgh and Falkirk can be successfully completed by anyone of any age by applying the simple and sound principles of movement in water based on the most up-to-date practices and teaching methods.

At SwimEasy, we focus on developing sound and efficient stroke technique and we apply our methods to the needs of each individual adult swimmer. We encourage adults not to be misled by the claims of some operators who propose revolutionary concepts or strange sounding names for swimming. There are no magic formulas or brand new concepts to master the technique of swimming. At SwimEasy we just stick to straight forward scientific principles and provide quality teaching.

We do not claim that the SwimEasy method will radically change the way adults learn. However, if you are looking to learn from scratch as a non-swimmer, or merely seeking to improve your technique, then SwimEasy can help you.


Our teachers are enthusiastic and engaging and will work with you to build confidence in the water and start to build the foundations of the techniques. Our teachers have years of experience in working with adult non-swimmers and understand how to get the best from each individual. No matter what your experience, SwimEasy teachers are passionate in helping you to achieve your aims.

SwimEasy can help you beat the fear of the water; make you more efficient; or allow you to follow a structured training plan to advance your fitness levels.

SwimEasy has a proven record in teaching swimming at all levels and we have access to some of the best swimming personnel in the country. Our programme offers specialist lessons for adults, with weekly lessons in small groups with one to one teaching or, alternatively, you can try our once a month Swim Clinics. The choice is yours, and with very reasonable prices too, you can receive expert advice from some of the most accomplished swimming teachers in the country.


Swimming is an activity that improves all-round fitness and can enhance stamina, strength and suppleness. Unlike other activities this is achieved all at the same time. If performed properly, with good technique, an adult swimmer will benefit from cardiovascular improvement, muscle strength and gracefulness.

Adults should consider the benefits of being able to perform Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle correctly where the entire main muscle groups; abdominals biceps, triceps, gluteals, hamstrings and quadriceps are engaged. Imagine being able to exercise your whole body at the same time including; the muscles in your face, neck, shoulders, hips and groin with little fear of injury because of the weight bearing support gained from the water. A whole range of people can benefit from being able to swim properly, even with minimal restrictions caused by arthritis, pregnancy, weight issues and asthma for example. Swimming also does not discriminate on the grounds of age.

We may call ourselves a nation of swimmers but if you care to visit a public swimming pool you will find that the majority of participants are not swimming as such but are merely travelling through the water. SwimEasy can assist in the long term improvement of the adult swimming community by providing the following classes.


Triathlete swimmers are concerned mainly with ensuring that their swimming fitness is sufficient enough to enable them to finish the swimming phase of their discipline quickly enough to enable them to proceed to the cycling phase of the event with an advantage over their fellow competitors.

Many triathletes find swimming to be their weakest discipline and this can be attributed to their lack of technical ability in the Freestyle stroke. At SwimEasy we help to improve the Freestyle technique by providing our specialist one-to-one stroke technique classes. Some of specialist coaches for this group already coach competitive swimmers and have the expertise and knowledge to improve technical areas which may not have been explored in their normal training routine. Coaching can be booked as a set of one hour Adult sessions, over 8 consecutive weeks.

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