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Nobody does it better!
SwimEasy is the market leader in the teaching of swimming lessons - nobody does it better! Classes operate to the highest standards with a flexible progressive programme catering for choice of venue, time and ability stage to suit your needs.
Expert Teachers
We offer expert, qualified teaching from the most experienced teachers. Our teachers haven't just read the books, it's their lifestyle!
Ongoing recruitment allows you to join the team for as little as two days per week or work within our core teaching staff for up to six days per week.
SwimEasy Passport
Our Passport to Successful Swimming creates natural stepping stones to allow your little one to progress with ease through our programme, right up to pre-competition standard.
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Swimming Lessons for Kids in Glasgow with SwimEasy

Swimming classes are a great way for kids to stay active and healthy, especially during the winter months when it can be difficult to get outside and exercise. If you live in the Southside of Glasgow, you may be wondering where your child can improve as a swimmer during the winter. With multiple venues across...
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Refer a Friend – No Waiting Lists

SwimEasy do not discount lessons but we like to reward our customers with the highest quality of service and the best teaching on the planet. Our quality comes first and we do everything in our power to create a fantastic atmosphere for learning and an experience that is shared between the teachers, swimmers and parents....
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Promotion When Ready

At SwimEasy there are a number of things which make us unique. Yes we have very small classes (never more than 4 in a group lesson and sometimes less) and yes we have the best progressive programme around. A focus on safety and graduation towards a variety of aquatic disciplines is also a key performance...
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We are proud to be Scotland's market leader in the teaching of swimming. Our flexible and progressive programme allows your child to progress through our ability stages at each venue in Edinburgh, Glasgow & Forth Valley.

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