Dive Into Progress: Unlocking Success with SwimEasy This Summer!

Welcome back to the summer term at SwimEasy! We hope everyone had a rejuvenating Easter break. A special thanks goes to the families who engaged in extra learning with our RapidTrack programme and while on holiday. It’s wonderful to see our SwimEasy learners continuing their swimming journeys, even during the break, and we love hearing about your aquatic adventures.

This month, keep an eye on our social media platforms for an inspiring video series featuring Gail’s son Taylor and his daughter Lyra, aged 2.5. While swimming in Singapore during the Easter holidays, they compiled seven essential tips to enhance both fun and learning in the pool during vacation. Don’t miss out—check these videos out on our Instagram (@swimeasyltd) and YouTube (@swimeasytraining)!

Navigating the Waves: Understanding Cap Levels

Ever wondered which level in the SwimEasy Passport presents the most challenge? Although every child progresses at their own pace influenced by various factors such as practice time, natural ability, and cognitive skills, the LEARNER level often proves to be a significant milestone. This stage is crucial as it’s where true swimming learning kicks off—from practicing stroke development and mastering multi-dimensional aquatic safety to learning advanced swimming-specific skills like tumble turns and professional push-offs. The transition also includes swimming in the deep end under minimal direct supervision, focusing more on precise stroke technique and analysis.

The learning curve here is steep, and progress might seem slow, but patience and perseverance at this stage are key. An extra effort in the LEARNER level sets a solid foundation, leading to remarkable progress in the IMPROVER and SWIMWELL stages and beyond.

Supporting Our Covid Kids

The pandemic has left an indelible mark on us all, and at SwimEasy, we are particularly cognizant of its impact on the social and emotional development of our youngest swimmers—many of whom were born around the time of COVID-19. As we continue to engage with the latest academic research and best practices in aquatic education, we remain committed to providing a nurturing and understanding environment for all our swimmers, especially those who may have unique sensitivities due to their pandemic-era experiences.

Become a SwimEasy Ambassador!

We’re grateful for the vibrant participation of our parents in sharing the joy and success of their children’s swimming achievements through social media. While SwimEasy doesn’t rely heavily on traditional advertising or discounts, we deeply value our community’s efforts in spreading the word about our programs.

If you’re enthusiastic about becoming a SwimEasy ambassador—from being an Ultimate Referrer to a Social Influencer—we’d love to hear from you! Share your ideas and possibly earn attractive incentives tailored to your contributions. Contact us at info@swimeasy.co.uk, and let’s arrange a chat over coffee with Gail, our Managing Director (she’s really looking forward to it!).

Thank you for being a part of our SwimEasy family. Let’s make a splash this summer!