Non Swimmer

We are here to help you choose the correct Stage of Swimming Ability for your child.

A Non-Swimmer is a child that cannot travel in the water unless they receive support, usually by means of swimming aids such as armbands or rings. Teachers will teach your child by applying minimum manipulation methods of learning whilst supporting your child in the water as no swimming aids will be used. We hope that your child will be willing to get in the water and not be phased when water is splashed upon them. The teacher will however encourage water confidence and movement to enable your child to develop the first stage of water travelling skills.

The Purpose of Attending

Unlike the average swimming lessons providers, at SwimEasy we are very technique focused. This means that your child will learn the four recognised strokes in an exciting, structured, progressive manner, and to the highest standard. In Non-Swimmer, we aim to work on the following skills:

• Building on water confidence by humming, blowing bubbles and submerging the whole body
• Travelling 5 metres kicking with help
• Introducing breaststroke and dolphin kick
• Holding floating positions
• Introducing Frontcrawl arm action


At SwimEasy, we progress children as and when they are ready.

Did you know that swimmers who attend regularly and consistently will improve faster than those who don’t?

Did you know that children who practice out with the lessons will progress at a much quicker rate? Swimming, like any other skill, requires practice. Why not make it a fun day out and get your child to show you the skills they have been learning! After all, we believe children deserve recognition for their success.

Parental Help

We ask that you help us in delivering quality teaching for your child.

Is your child able to be away from you in a small group environment? You can help our teachers and your child by preparing them beforehand and allowing them to understand that they will be in a class environment. Why not come along to one of our pools before their first lesson so that they get a feel for what’s to come?

Our teachers love to spend as much time as possible with each class. Because of this, they love it when children come to the lessons with cap and goggles on and passport in hand, ready to start the lesson. To avoid minimum disruption to the lessons, we ask that children blow their noses and go to the toilet before the start of the lesson.

Edinburgh / Forth Valley/Glasgow


(incl. of VAT) per term, four terms per year

One-off registration fee £20


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