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Facebook groups for SwimEasy
We have created Facebook Groups for all SwimEasy venues around Edinburgh, Forth Valley & Linlithgow to provide relevant information, videos and photographs for parents. Please join the group of a venue your child attends.
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SwimEasy Passport and hats
SwimEasy is different from all other swimming lesson programmes. SwimEasy provides parents and children with an ongoing record of their child’s personal achievements.  The benefits of operating an ongoing assessment for each child is that we recognise the fact that not all children progress at the same rate. Children move up a Level and are...
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SwimEasy at George Watson's
Swimmers are fascinating. Not to be biased or anything, but they are. Swimmers have superhuman-like capabilities. These 6 fascinating facts about swimmers will give you a new appreciation for the sport.
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SwimEasy swimming lessons SwimWell
If you’ve just booked into SwimEasy lessons for the first time, then your child is about to be taught by some of the best teachers in the country. Shortly, you will receive a special welcome pack in the post, which contains the Passport to Successful Swimming. We encourage you to sit down with your child...
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SwimEasy beginner class Edinburgh
For parents, it can be difficult to know what to do if you choose to practise swimming outside of the formal lessons. After all, if it was easy, you probably wouldn’t be sending your child to lessons in the first place. With 20 years experience teaching swimming, we notice a trend that children who manage...
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SwimEasy beginner
Deciding when to serve dinner around a swimming lesson can be a tricky one to balance. They’ve just come out of school and they’re hungry. Swimming is quite soon and if they don’t eat now, they’ll be starving when they get out the pool. Yep, we understand the struggle, so here’s our advice to make...
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SwimEasy improver
At SwimEasy, we strongly believe every child has the right to learn how to swim properly and with good technique. Starting right from babies and tots lessons, all the way through to entry level club standard, we focus on keeping children safe while having fun in the water. As well as taking care of children...
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SwimEasy private-tuition
Piano lessons, football, violin tuition or ballet. What do they all have in common? Or rather, what do swimming lessons not have in common with them? Well, swimming lessons is one of the few out-of-school activities that children have little or no choice in taking part, whether your child loves it or not. Why is...
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