Rapid-ly and gratefully approaching Easter holidays!

As Easter approaches and we spring towards the summer, there is never a better time to enroll in the RapidTrack programme during the first 2 weeks of the April break. Week 1 is close to full, and Week 2 is now getting busy too. So, if you’re interested in extra 1:1 and 1:2 sessions, it’s time to get in there quickly.

It’s no secret that in the last couple of years, the UK has experienced some tough times. Cost of living and interest rate rises have been at the forefront of conversation, and the swimming industry continues to face challenges with pool costs, closures, and a lack of safety provisions for our young children, especially in Scotland. At SwimEasy, we have certainly felt these effects, but we are wholeheartedly thankful that you, as loyal parents and customers, continue to support your children’s journey and our family-run business. Your support helps not only your children, but also provides opportunities for more than 100 amazing young (and mature) teaching staff who really are the best in the business.

Exciting Updates

As you know, we heavily invest in the continuous training of our staff, a process that never ends. Among several new projects, we are deep in the process of creating a “Passport to Successful Teaching,” which will offer both staff and swimmers another amazing resource to be actively used at each pool during every lesson. In future newsletters, we will give you a sneak peek of the progress.

Our new database-portal and website design are also in development, with hopes to start phasing this into the programme in 2024. The updated website and staff/parent portal will mean that information can be more easily accessed without detracting from what really matters: “Your child’s progress in their pool lessons.”

No Arm Bands at SwimEasy

We were recently shocked to learn that some swimming lesson companies in Scotland have introduced armbands in lessons to “keep children safe.” While this may be a consideration for many parents on holidays or at the beach, the conversation around armbands is an important one that needs attention.

As a lesson provider, our number one priority is the safety of your children. However, this should not come at the expense of their learning and water confidence. Sadly, armbands are a lazy option regarding safety and, in fact, are not as safe as you may believe. Teaching staff are the primary flotation aid for our younger swimmers, ensuring that class sizes remain small and manageable. It is our duty to help children feel (with support) a natural sense of buoyancy in the water, facilitating their own progression and learning. For our younger learners, we teach “safe place” so they understand where to turn in an unforeseen situation.

Armbands, permanent flotation aids, and even baggy shorts and t-shirts can severely hinder movement and only serve to hold children back from learning to swim. At SwimEasy, we will not use armbands in lessons, and we recommend that when you are around water with your children, you are vigilant. Never be lured into the false sense of security that a set of inflatables can give your family. We also recommend that older children and adults never swim unsupervised or without a swimming buddy. So, mums and dads, if you decide to go for a swim, “Go Together”!

Want to be an Ambassador!

In previous newsletters and blogs, we have encouraged some active engagement on social media as a way of celebrating the success of your children. Thanks to all of our parents who support this, as it really helps bring a bit of fun content to our community.

SwimEasy does not advertise heavily or offer discounts for our lessons. However, we do endeavor to find ways to reward our current customers and those who help to spread the word about SwimEasy. Gail, our Managing Director, is keen to hear from any parents who wish to be SwimEasy ambassadors. We are open to suggestions and would love to hear (personally) from anyone who would like to work with us in supporting the growth and awareness of our lessons. It could be anything from being an Ultimate Referrer to a Social Influencer. Ideas are welcome, and of course, ambassadors will receive attractive, case-by-case incentives too. Just send us an email to info@swimeasy.co.uk, and Gail can arrange to meet up for a coffee and a chat (she loves it!).

Enjoy the days getting longer, and we hope you are as excited as we are about your children’s progress in the coming months.

The SwimEasy Team