Let’s Celebrate Your Child’s Swim Success with Friends and Family!

Dear SwimEasy Families 

As you know, at SwimEasy, we move your child through our coloured hat and passport system as soon as they are ready to move up to the next level.  The easier option for swim schools is to wait until the end of a term, however this is obviously not the best option for individual swimmers. 

In recent months many parents have requested and given permission to celebrate hat promotions on their own social media and the SwimEasy Instagram page.  We are extremely happy to do this, and in fact would welcome parents to take a photo of their own child with their new cap and tag @swimeasyltd in a story or post on Instagram.  Please also note that your PA will request posting permission if they take a photo of your child. 

We are currently posting more information and light-hearted features on our Instagram page.  We also have a YouTube channel which has examples of all the skills on your SwimEasy Passport.  It is a nice resource if you want to do a little homework practice between lessons.   Please feel free to follow and share with your friends and family.  The details are: 

Instagram:  @swimeasyltd 

Facebook:  SwimEasy Ltd 

Youtube: @swimeasytraining 

You may ask what can I do?: 

  1.  Take a photo or video of your child (please make sure if there are other children in the photo/video that you have permission from their parents and guardians. This is a general safeguarding rule in education which is advisable to follow in all aspects of life). 
  1. Photo after the lesson with their new hat  
  1. Photo or video practicing elsewhere (on holiday, at your local pool, in the living room) 
  1. Out and about at any swimming events (with an older sibling at a meet perhaps or who knows, maybe some of you will be in Paris for the 2024 Olympics to spectate) 
  1. Post on your Instagram to celebrate with friends  
  1. Tag @swimeasyltd so we can celebrate with you too. 

Ultimately our aim is to celebrate your child’s successes because they are doing amazing things in the pool. There are not many families in the UK who are committed to long term swimming technique and our SwimEasy families are very special in that regard.  Sadly, almost half of all children in the UK are now unable to swim before secondary school so this success is more important than ever. 

Yours Swimmingly  

The SwimEasy Team