April RapidTrack

SwimEasy is thrilled to announce our next upcoming RapidTrack weeks, an intensive programme designed to elevate your child’s swimming skills to new heights!

Scheduled in two blocks from:

1st to the 5th of April


8th to the 12th of April

..between 08:45 AM and 11:15 AM, this special event will be hosted at George Watson’s College, Edinburgh.

SwimEasy, we are renowned for our exceptional swimming lessons, and are dedicated to making swimming an enjoyable and rewarding experience for children. Our RapidTrack week is specially crafted to cater to young swimmers of various levels, focusing on improving skills and techniques through a unique, daily focus. Each day, our expert teachers will guide your child through different aspects of swimming, ensuring a comprehensive enhancement of their abilities.

Whether your child is a beginner or an aspiring champ, this programme offers a fantastic opportunity to fast-track their progress in a fun, supportive, and safe environment. Don’t miss out on this chance to give your child a swimming experience they’ll cherish. Reserve a spot now and watch them dive into success with SwimEasy’s RapidTrack!