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Let’s get signed up for summer.  There is never a better time to enrol in the RapidTrack programme during the 6 weeks of summer.  Weeks 1-3 are close to full, so make sure you get in touch quickly to secure your place before or after your summer holiday.  If you want some extra 1:1 and 1:2 unique sessions – get in there and watch your child progress at a Rapid rate. 

Darcey Sunshine Foundation x SwimEasy.

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the most wonderful charitable organisation. The Darcey Sunshine foundation. Their mission to spread education about water safety and to provide opportunities for everyone to learn to swim in the name of Darcey who sadly drowned in South Africa at just 3 years old. The story and mission touched our hearts and closely aligned with our SwimEasy philosophy. It was therefore a ‘no brainer’ for us to support.  

SwimEasy and Darcey Sunshine will collaborate on a bursary programme which offers opportunities to those less fortunate in Scotland. Please check our their website, follow them and share the love in memory of little Darcey. https://www.darceysunshine.org/about-5

Here is a little extract from Gail Smith (MD of SwimEasy) 

Managing director of swimeasy

The Darcey Sunshine Foundation is one of the most powerful charities that I have come across in many a year. 

It takes dedication and application to fight for a cause which is more than worthwhile. 

For many years people have virtually ignored the vital need to teach others about the dangers of being in and around water.  

Home pools, outdoor rivers, canals, the sea, ponds in gardens are all places where children and adults need to be taught the facts that drowning can occur. 

When children take part in classes do they know how to get back to a safe place? Do they know how to get out of the water? What about getting on to a floating raft as opposed to pulling out on a hard surface. Does the embankment slope inwards outwards? What do you do and not do in a jacuzzi tub? What about the outlet valves at the bottom of pools, what about the inlet valves on the side of pools. Just a few things to mention before we really get going. 

I believe that the Darcey Sunshine Foundation will not only address these dangers but will make positive improvements in the education of children and parents to ensure they know how to be safe in and around water. 

SwimEasy is delighted to officially support this very worthwhile charity to ensure a huge difference is made for the future. 

We hope to grow our relationship to support underprivileged children in the community. We believe this is the first collaboration of many to come. 

Your Swimcerely 

Gail Smith 

Managing Director