MAY the summer holidays be safe and successful


Let’s get signed up for summer.  There is never a better time to enrol in the RapidTrack programme during the 6 weeks of summer.  The weeks are already filling up fast.  So, if you want some extra 1:1 and 1:2 unique sessions get in there quickly before it is too late. 

Stickers! Enjoy the Learning Process 

Learning, Practicing and Mastering.  Swimming lessons, like so many other pursuits are a process where every learner progresses at their own pace.  It is important to remember that while stickers are extrinsically motivating, they are there to provide a guide to learning. Your child is being continually formatively assessed during every lesson with their teacher. The aim of the passport and stickers is to give a simple snapshot about where the child is currently and where they are heading on the learning journey.  

There are times in the lesson journey when progress may seem slower and others where it is accelerated (we mentioned the learner level challenge in a previous newsletter). However, perseverance, patience and practice are critical. The 3 P’s: 

  1. Perseverance – Many swimming skills take time to master and there is a lot to learn to become an efficient swimmer. 4 strokes, safety skills, body movement skills, wall skills and not to mention the BLABT (Body Position, Legs, Arms, Breathing and Timing) combination for every stroke. Swimming is unnatural to humans and does take time to master. So, stick with it! On average it takes 3-4 terms to complete a Passport Level for those only swimming 30 minutes per week.  
  1. Patience – Help your child to relax and enjoy the process. Your teacher and PA are assessing each week and will keep your child informed about what they need to work on. Encourage your child to speak to the teacher about what their goals are and how they can improve. Sometimes however, it just takes time to “click”! In a world of instant gratification, it is a great opportunity to promote patience and mindful thinking together. 
  1. Practice – We encourage extra “homework” practice and to use the Passport to Successful Swimming as a guide. Extra focus will significantly speed up progress. If your child is cementing learning on holiday or during a family swim session at your local pool; it is not uncommon to be moved up after 1 or 2 block of 9 weeks.  

Price Freeze – Customers at our Heart  

As you know we have frozen lesson prices for the coming term. 

It is no secret that in the last couple of years the UK has experienced some tough times.  Cost of living and interest rate rises have been at the forefront of conversation and the swimming industry continues to face pool cost challenges, closures and lack of safety provision for our young children, especially in Scotland. Sadly, the bad news continues, and in the last month more pools across the country closed, more swim schools have gone into administration and councils continue to raise pool prices to eye watering levels. For SwimEasy however, the most important thing is that your children get the very best when it comes to lesson quality and attention to detail, this will never change.   

SwimEasy have not been unaffected by soaring cost and margins are challenging.  However, we are wholeheartedly thankful that, you, as loyal parents and customers continue to support your children’s journey and our family run business.  Your support helps not only your own children, but also gives the opportunity to more than 100 amazing young (and mature) teaching staff who really are the best in the business. 

Holiday Hints/Water Safety 

Summer is around the corner and holiday season is on everyone’s mind.  As we start to see warmer days in Scotland or consider heading the Mediterranean it is important to remember a few family rules when it comes to water safety, no matter you or your child’s ability.  Check out these simple hints suggested by Speedo when planning to swim on holiday.  And don’t forget to have fun and get in some extra practice from those Swimming Passports. 

Congratulations Katie Shanahan!  

Getty images (credit, Steve Walsh) 

Congratulations to SwimEasy legend, sponsored athlete and ambassador Katie Shanahan who recently made her first Olympic Games and will be heading to Paris this summer. 

Follow Katie’s journey on her Instagram @_katieshanahan_ and all the SwimEasy family wishes her the best.  We are so proud! 

The SwimEasy Team