Braes High School - Falkirk


Braes High School
Newlands Road, Reddingmuirhead
Tel: 0330 024 9111

Day Class Time
Saturday Main Programme 09:10 – 10:50

With 6 lanes and 20m in length, Braes High School is the perfect facility for swimming lessons in Falkirk. Whether you’re looking for private swimming lessons or group lessons, our class sizes are kept to a minimum. Depending upon availability, we’re also able to offer swimming lessons for adults in this lovely Falkirk venue. It is a warm pool, which is a welcome treat.

For entrance, turn right into Braes High School and park in a designated parking space or in the Bus and Coach area. Enter the pool through the main sports entrance on the left hand side of the courtyard. The changing rooms are to the left through the double doors.

Pool Information

Size: 20 metres x 6 lanes

Average Temperature: 28 degrees Celcius

Changing Rooms: There are separate male and female changing rooms with showers to either side of pool. The pool entrance for the children is via the changing rooms onto the poolside.

Hygiene: Our teachers really love it when children blow their noses and go to the toilet before the start of lessons. This tends to avoid any unwanted surprises and causes minimum disruption to the lessons!

Meeting Point

Children will be met by the Progress Adviser at the changing room entrance to the pool. Note that there are two entrances via both the boys and the girls changing rooms. Children will also be directed to this area at the end of the lesson. Children should assemble at the right hand side of the pool before the lesson begins and will be escorted to either the shallow end or the deep end of the pool depending on which level of class they are in.

Viewing the Pool

Poolside viewing is not available. However, there is a waiting area for parents.
SwimEasy has sole use of the pool facilities during our Main Programme. During our one-to-one and one-to-two lessons, the pool is also open to the public meaning that parents are not allowed on poolside.

Personal Equipment


Eye goggles must be worn to allow for clear vision.
No baggy shorts are allowed as they restrict leg movement.
All children must wear their SwimEasy swim cap to prevent distractions and for pool cleanliness.
Swimming Costumes must be tight fitting preferably one size smaller than normal.


Pool Shoes

Our Classes

Holidays 2023/2024


Rolling Programme Starts

28 October

Autumn Exclusion Dates

Winter Exclusion Dates

23, 30 December, 6 January

Spring Exclusion Dates

10 February, 30 March, 6, 13 April

Summer Exclusion Dates

Rolling Programme Ends

15 June

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