SwimEasy recently introduced a novel trainee programme for young and aspiring swimming teachers. The programme has, so far, been an incredible success and goes from strength to strength. SwimEasy aim to recruit, train and employ 30-50 new teachers per year as part of our teacher trainee and apprenticeship programme with the promise that these young people will gain incredible work experience, excellent salaries and career focus and development.

In the last 25 years, SwimEasy have provided lessons for thousands of children, as well as offering excellent working opportunities for young adults and professional swimming teachers. As a company, we continue our committment to improving young lives in every way. An important aspect is training young adults to become professional swimming teachers and perhaps inspire them to join the broader teaching profession too. 

Swim teaching is an incredible vocation and has the potential to build career experience, confidence and friendships with other likeminded people.  It is important that we provide excellent working opportunities for young people during the current challenging economic environment.

Our January intake of trainees has been an overwhelming success so far. More than 15 young teachers on the programme are thriving and are already showing the potential to be outstanding teachers for our young “learn to swimmers”. The next intake will be after the Easter break and we are excited to welcome a new and fresh group of aspiring teachers who want to learn “The SwimEasy Way!”