February Holiday 1:1/1:2 RapidTrack Swimming Lessons

Our February RapidTrack is almost upon us and starts on Monday 13 – Friday 17 Feb at George Watson’s College in Edinburgh. Rapid Track is a great opportunity to experience a full week of specific lessons with SwimEasy and is a great introduction to our swimming programme for swimmers of all levels. It is also a chance for some of our current swimmers to refine skills and techniques that were learned in group lessons.

RapidTrack are done as 1:1 lessons as opposed to our normal 1:4 class ratios. While 1:4 classes are still extremely small and unrivalled, RapidTrack lessons can often help as the back to back daily lessons can often help children to retain the skills and move through the programme even quicker than coming to the lessons once or twice per week.

For more info and bookings email info@swimeasy.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Team SwimEasy